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Share & Stock Advice

When seeking advice on shares to hold within your portfolio, it is important firstly to understand what you wish to achieve by holding those shares:

  • Do you want to buy and sell them over a short period of time to generate a quick profit?
  • Are you seeking growth in value over a medium to long term (3 to 5 years) as the company improves its ongoing operations and perhaps acquires other businesses?
  • Are you seeking strong dividend income resulting from the company's ongoing profitable operations?
  • Do you simply want to have a portfolio of shares which delivers a reliable dividend stream with a moderate degree of capital growth over time?

Properly constructed investment portfolios will usually address all of the above objectives, and more, so it is important to understand the depth of knowledge and experience that not only your adviser has, but also the analysts providing technical advice on those companies.

Greg and Sonya operate within the highly respected full-service stockbroking firm of Hartleys Ltd, which is owned entirely by the employees and has its own in-house research department in addition to access to third party research. Whilst they do utilise managed funds where appropriate, generally their clients' portfolios are more specific with individual investments appropriate for their goals and circumstances. This means their clients have greater control and flexibility with the management of their investments.

By contacting Greg and Sonya now for a free consultation, you can get specific advice about the construction of your portfolio and how it is likely to meet your long term needs.