Self-Managed Super

SMSF Investment Strategy & Portfolio Development.

Specialists in SMSF investment strategy. Whether you are looking for a portfolio to grow and build your wealth, or one which generates income once you have retired (or a combination of both), or just want alternatives to cash and term deposits, Greg & Sonya can help. Utilising their experience, knowledge and considerable industry insight they can provide a tailored investment strategy that is right for you.

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There are many benefits associated with investing within the superannuation environment, with inherent tax advantages at the forefront. Your fund can be managed within a traditional publicly available fund, however you have limited control over its management and investments.

By comparison, a self-managed super fund may provide you with the control and independence you are seeking.

Depending on your circumstances, some of the major benefits associated with self-managed super funds include:

  • Greater flexibility with your investment choices;
  • Increased control over your investment strategy;
  • Tailored management of income and capital gains;
  • Consideration and management of your superannuation as part of your total asset pool;
  • Self-managed super funds can have up to 4 members, which allows for pooling of resources for improved economies of scale for all members;
  • The ability to transfer listed shares and many other investments held in your own name into the super fund;
  • Maximum flexibility in relation to the conversion of accumulation accounts into those that will pay a pension stream; and
  • Options with regard to life insurance premiums and estate planning;

You need to ensure that your self-managed super fund meets all the regulatory requirements and has an appropriate investment strategy designed to fund your retirement. Therefore the appointment of third parties to oversee both the management of the portfolio and the fund�s compliance is often highly recommended.

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