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Retirement Income

In general, the most common objective of private investors is to build up a portfolio which will enable them to have a self-funded retirement. This means that they will have a portfolio which will provide them with sufficient income in retirement to live comfortably without having to draw down capital to make ends meet. Ideally they would like to be self-sufficient, but often they can construct their retirement strategies to receive some support from the Australian Government by way of additional part-pension income and a range of other discounts for general living expenses.

Retirement income can be generated from many sources, ranging from simple bank accounts and term deposits through to highly complex funds which may utilise derivatives and / or borrowed funds. Often it can be more efficient and rewarding to own bank shares rather than simply investing in their cash offerings, whilst balancing the needs for capital security. Many self-funded retirees have discovered that a well structured and managed portfolio of investments can provide a highly efficient income stream throughout their retirement and still leave them with money to bequest to their loved ones through their wills should this be an objective.

Retirees commonly generate their retirement income through their self-managed super funds due to the high tax efficiency of these investment vehicles, and this type of portfolio accounts for about half of the portfolios which Greg and Sonya manage on behalf of their clients.

The general rule of thumb is that self-funded retirement income should aim to be approximately the same as the after tax and deduction income derived from employment prior to retirement, and Greg and Sonya have had more than 20 years experience in helping their clients to achieve this aim.

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