Portfolio Managment

Greg and Sonya focus on providing personalised solutions for their clients based on their needs, goals and individual financial circumstances. This means that each client has a tailored portfolio, with the objective of achieving growth and / or income to suit the client's individual requirements.

The Portfolio Management Service is integral to providing comprehensive and personalised service to clients, whether they are retirees, people seeking to grow their wealth over time, or trustees of self-managed super funds. The service offers a comprehensive administration and reporting system, with the additional benefit of client access to online reports at any time.

All assets are held in the name of the client (or related entity), providing both transparency and tax efficiency. Unlike many managed funds, the client receives the full benefit of tax effective distributions such as franking credits, and capital gains positions can be managed to suit the individual´┐Żs circumstances.

The process of determining an appropriate and effective solution for the client is comprehensive, and is ongoing with the management of the portfolio through personalised contact and review.

Your Actively Managed Portfolio