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Investment Advice

When building wealth through an investment portfolio, it is important to understand the strategies, time frames, and investment vehicles you may wish to employ.

This involves deciding on whether you want to take an active trading strategy of buying and selling shares to try to lock in short term gains, or accumulate companies over a long period and take advantage of their dividend payments to add to your wealth. Perhaps you wish to enact a combination of the two strategies.

Do you understanding how you can take advantage of holding your investments within tax structures such as family trusts, private companies and self-managed super funds instead of investing in your own name?

Greg and Sonya are versed in the application of all of these issues and work with their clients' tax advisers where necessary to ensure that their clients hold their private portfolios in the most appropriate structures. This ultimately helps their clients achieve the best results from their investment decisions.

It is often imperative to get the investment strategies in place before you make your first investment purchase. Therefore before you take the second step, take the first step of contacting us with your query and arrange for a free consultation with Greg and Sonya.